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Dr. Michael Hannus, siTOOLs Biotech GmbH, Martinsried

DKFZ TP3, Buchleither Seminar Room, Im Neuenheimer Feld 580

GPCF TechTalk Seminar Series

GPCF TechTalk Seminar Series: For years, RNAi was considered the magic bullet of functional genomics, promising fast, specific and scalable genetic intervention. Hype was followed by disappointment when it was shown that off-target effects frequently dominate the phenotypic response in RNAi experiments. Nevertheless, RNAi remains the standard technique for gene inactivation because of its many advantages, such as transient, dose-dependent effects and ease of arrayed screening. Complex siRNA pools apply a conceptually simple but efficient approach to prevent off-target effects: All siRNAs share the same on-target gene but have different off-target footprints. As a result, off-target effects are efficiently diluted and target gene knockdown becomes very robust.

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