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Dr. Alexandre Darmoise, NanoString Technologies, Germany and Switzerland

DKFZ, Buchleither Seminar Room, Technologiepark 3

GPCF TechTalk Seminar Series

GeoMx™ DSP is a unique discovery platform which enables spatially-resolved, highly multiplexed profiling of protein and RNA expression in tissue specimens. By using the Nanostring barcoding technology, GeoMx™ DSP can detect the combinatorial expression of up to 800 targets in discrete areas of a tissue specimen to uncover the region-specific pathway dysregulations leading to cancer and to evaluate the cellular responses to drug treatment. In contrast to low-parameter immunohistochemistry or low-throughput sample investigation by laser ablation, GeoMx™ DSP generates information-rich content for up to 20 slides per day while preserving precious samples for future analyses.

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