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Prof. Dr. Helena Hamerow, Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford, UK

Psychologisches Institut, Hörsaal 1, Hauptstr. 47/51

Heidelberg Center for the Environment

The medieval agricultural revolution, which saw the spread of open-field cereal farming across Europe, is regarded as one of the transformative changes of the Middle Ages. In England there is a long-standing debate regarding the origins of open field farming and its impact on the country's social geography and political economy. Historians and archaeologists have, until now, been forced to rely on a small number of ambiguous texts, post-medieval maps, charters, etc. to understand how and when this "cerealisation" of the countryside occurred. The talk will provide an overview of a new ERC-project, which is using bioarchaeological data to generate for the first time direct evidence for the conditions in which medieval crops were grown.

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