Olympia Morata Programme of Heidelberg University
Posted October 01 2010

General Information:

In order to advance women in science, Heidelberg University provides TVL-13-positions for women within the Olympia-Morata-Programme. The Programme aims to support female scientists with their postdoctoral lecture qualification or similar qualifications at Heidelberg University.
The Olympia-Morata-Programme generally finances half-time positions EG 13/TV-L. Female postdocs with research experiences may apply for the programme, given that they (will) have another half time position (EG 13/TV-L) at their department, funded by the department.
The election of the candidates are based on the evaluation of all received applications by the allocation commission.
All medical scientists of Heidelberg University have options to apply for positions at the homonymous Programme of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg. We recommend medical scientists to consult the Equal Opportunities Office (i.e. Gleichstellungsbüro der Universität) and/or the Forschungsdekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät Heidelberg prior to application to inform about the different application deadlines.

The proposal should include the following documents

For updated deadlines of the programme, please check the notification at our homepage or contact the Equal Opportunities Office (Gleichstellungsbüro). If you require further information about the Olympia-Morata-Programme, please contact Mrs. Charlotte von Knobelsdorff via E-Mail or telephone (see contact information below).

Currently, there is a call for applications within the Olympia-Morata-Programme. Application deadline is December, 10th 2010. For further information on the programme and the requirements for applying, please contact Mrs. Charlotte von Knobelsdorff.

E-Mail: gleichstellungsbureo [ aT ]

Phone: 06221-547697