New CellNetworks Program for Large Equipment
Posted August 02 2010
CellNetworks started a new call for applications within its Internal Funding Program - applications within the Large Equipment Program may be submitted by 20 August 2010

All members of the cluster may apply for funding of investment >40.000 € per individual piece of equipment. Deadline for applications (to the cluster management office) is August 20th, 2010. Major aim of the program for large equipment is to allow dynamic reaction to technical innovations or new requirements within the funding period of CellNetworks. Thus to all CellNetworks members should be given opportunity to apply for the funding of new or the development of available equipment. Applications should not exceed two pages (Arial 12pt, single space) and should address the following criteria:
  • What equipment is requested and why will this purchase expand the scientific capacity of the CellNetworks cluster? The call mainly aims at making new methods and technology available on campus.
  • How many groups (and/or research areas) of the Cluster will benefit from this new equipment and how will access to the equipment for a wide range of users be ensured?
  • Is this or similar equipment already available on campus? If so, where and why is the requested equipment still of major general importance for the cluster?
  • Where will the equipment be located and who will be responsible for maintenance and user training?
  • Will the new equipment be associated with or part of a core facility on campus?
  • Specification of product details and cost (preliminary quotation recommended).

Funding is exclusively for equipment purchase and no funds are available for operator or maintenance cost within this program. All applications will be reviewed and ranked by the CellNetworks Steering Committee. DFG deadline for all applications for large equipment is September 30th and the process thus has to be completed before this deadline.

We are convinced that a smart choice of innovative equipment will be of major importance for the Heidelberg Life Sciences and will also enhance our potential for succeeding in the next funding round of the cluster.