Posted August 11 2014
Heidelberg scientists, among them a CellNetworks Member, develop new methods to measure intracellular protein movement. READ MORE
Posted August 07 2014
Scientists from EMBL Heidelberg and the University Clinic Heidelberg, among them two CellNetworks Members, shed new light on the molecular background of a rare form of the iron overload disorder haemochromatosis. This hereditary disease, which leads the body to store excessive amounts of iron, is among the most common genetic disorders in Northern Europe, affecting about 100,000 people in Germany alone. READ MORE
Posted August 06 2014
Edward Lemke, group leader at EMBL Heidelberg and CellNetworks Member, shares his experience as editor of a special issue of ChemBioChem, on the rising field of genetic code expansion. READ MORE
Posted August 04 2014
Small chemical modifications such as DNA methyl groups can tell the cell whether a given gene is expressed or not. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ), among them two CellNetworks Member and a CellNetworks postdoc program alumnus, have now discovered how the methyl marks can regulate gene activity: They influence where the DNA wraps around its packaging proteins to form complexes called nucleosomes. The removal of the methyl groups makes these nucleosomes unstable, and previously inaccessible DNA regions are released for binding of enzymes that affect gene activity. READ MORE
Posted July 24 2014
Researchers of Heidelberg University and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) have developed a new method to control processes in living cells by means of light signals. This newly developed system makes it possible to analyze the movement of proteins within cells and is therefore interesting for both general and applied science. The scientists involved in this project have now published their research results in the scientific journal “Nature Communications“. READ MORE


From August 07 2014 To August 23 2014

 Externe Stellenausschreibung


Beim Landeskrim...

From August 04 2014 To October 31 2014
The Schuck lab investigates how cells maintain organelle homeos...
From July 21 2014 To August 31 2014

gamma-tubulin is a highly conserved member of the tubulin family that is invol...

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