CellNetworks Lab Training Program

The deadline for the Central America and the Caribbean Lab Training call has expired. The review process has begun and will take some time. We would like to thank you very much for your application as well as your patience. We will get back to you if you should be chosen as one of the participants.

Yours CellNetworks Project Management Office


To attract excellent young students (shortly before entering into their PhD programs) from Central America and the Caribbean, we open our research labs for the CellNetworks Lab Training Program.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please submit your application only to the CellNetworks Project Management Office or to your local/approved supervisor. There is no need to contact your preferred host lab before submitting your application. We cannot process any application that is has not been submitted to CellNetworks/the local/approved supervisor.



For more information, please read our flyer and have a look at the application procedure under "Lab Training Program and Application requirements".