EcTop From synapse to disease: Network dysfunction in disorders of synaptic communication
Our project deals with diseases of the nervous system from a perspective of pathological synaptic communication. We will focus on altered neuronal communication in four important model disorders: schizophrenia, autism-spectrum disorders, mental retardation, chronic pain. We believe that all of these conditions have one common feature: a disturbed interplay between sensory processing and motor activity. We will therefore study sensory-motor integration, combining the molecular, cellular, network and behavioural level. Key questions are: - How do neurons integrate afferent information and “translate” it into predictable outputs? - Which structural and functional determinants alter coherent activity patterns in sensorimotor networks? - How do perturbed synaptic and network-level communications result in pathological behaviour?

Bading, Bollmann, Draguhn, Flor, Hamprecht (Z3), Holstein, R Kuner, T Kuner, Meyer-Lindenberg, Monyer, Rappold, Ryu, Schnell, Schröder (A, Z2), Wittbrodt (C, Z2)