SAB Members
We are happy to present the members of the SAB: internationally leading experts in the research fields of the cluster and one scientist from industry.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)



  • Prof. Nenad Ban (ETH, Zürich)
  • Prof. Carmen Birchmeier (MDC Berlin)
  • Professor Lynn Enquist (Princeton University)
  • Prof. Susan Gasser (FMI, Basel)
  • Prof. Siegfried Neumann (Merck, Darmstadt)
  • Prof. C. Pape (Univeristät Münster)
  • Prof. James E. Rothman (Yale University)
  • Prof. Kai Simons (MPI Cell Biology, Dresden)
  • Prof. Shimon Weiss (UCLA Los Angeles)
  • Prof. Hans Westerhoff (Amsterdam and Manchester)