New lab members in the Muckenthaler/Hentze MMPU Research Group


Our research focuses on iron metabolism and its disturbances in human disease. The major aim is to understand the regulatory circuitry underlying systemic iron homeostasis. We concentrate on the iron hormone hepcidin and its regulatory “target receptor” ferroportin. Since both the excess of hepcidin (leading to anemia) and its deficiency (causing iron overload) must be prevented, a central goal of our work is to decipher the control of hepcidin and ferroportin expression as well as the pathophysiological consequences of their misregulation. The advertised post-doctoral project would focus on understanding the basis of iron related disease.

The research group is embedded within the inspiring environment of the Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU) of the University of Heidelberg and the EMBL. A suitable candidate will have a proven track record of research accomplishments including first author publications in international peer-reviewed journals and excellent experience in:

• molecular and cell biology techniques

• work with murine disease models

• cell culture

• fluorescent microscopy

• neurobiology (desirable, but not absolutely required)


Contact details: If you are interested in a post-doctoral position please send your CV to:

Prof. Dr. Martina Muckenthaler

Head of Molecular Medicine Department of Pediatric Oncology,

Hematology and Immunology University of Heidelberg

Im Neuenheimer Feld 350

69120 Heidelberg

Tel.: 0049 - 06221 566923

email: martina.muckenthaler [ aT ]