Academic Assistant Alumni
Meet our Academic Assistant Alumni

Over the years, lots of academic assistants have supported us in our work. Some helped building up CellNetworks for several years, some where only with us for a short time.

Here are some of our academic assistants who have supported us for a longer time:



Sven Blobner

Januar 2016-February 2017


Field of study: Molecular Biology
Responsibilities: Data Management, Concept Development
Next career step:

University College London, UK

Current city: London




Anna Degen

April 2013-June 2015


Field of study: Molecular Biology
Responsibilities: Talks, Translations English-German
Next career step:

PhD student at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) for Synthetic Biology

Current city: Heidelberg




Nils Kasties

July 2007-March 2015


Field of study: PhD Student (Physics)
Responsibilities: Talks
Next career step:

Ruhr-University Bochum, Research School PLUS, Coordination & Consulting

Current city: Bochum




Eva Kohse

October 2010-June 2014


Field of study: Medicine
Responsibilities: Data Management, Concept Development
Next career step: Residency at the Children's Hospital, Zurich

PhD student at the Pain Center of the University Hospital Heidelberg

Current city: Hamburg




Jacquline Krächan

November 2009-October 2012


Field of study: Law
Responsibilities: Data Management, Event Organization
Next career step: Assistant at the Marsilius-Kolleg for the project "EURAT" (ethical and legal aspects of the total sequencing of the human genome)
Current city: Heidelberg




Parissa Abdollazadeh Parsa

November 2009-March 2013


Field of study: Translation
Responsibilities: Translations in English and Italian
Next career step:

Language Service Manager of the Chancellery of the Berlin Senate

Current city: Berlin




We also want to thank all other academic assistants:

Jordan Wooley, Anna Lafrentz, Benjamin Kellers, Johannes Schnitzler, Katharina Blank, Marina Eurich, Bingqing Zhao, Chenchen Zhu, Emma Philips, Gifta Martial, Jan Blank, Jonathan Paulitz, Hannah Grosser, Isabel Porth, Armita Mehdipor