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CellNetworks is an interdisciplinary research cluster centered around Heidelberg´s life sciences. The Heidelberg life science community features an unparalleled number of internationally well-noted institutions. CellNetworks assembles excellent groups focusing on research in molecular life science and computational sciences, chemistry and physics to tackle fundamental questions in cell biology, its network structure and architecture, dynamics and regulation.


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Posted August 03 2017
Due to the summer break, you will be informed about the upcoming Talks on Campus only if there are events actually going on. If you don’t receive an email from us, please assume that no talks will take place that week. READ MORE
Posted July 20 2017
The symposium, organized by SFB 1129, will showcase the diversity of modern approaches to study pathogens and how they interact with their host cells and organisms. Speakers and posters focus on HIV, influenza, hepatitis viruses and Plasmodium. The featured methodologies reach from single molecule and biophysical analysis to in vivo imaging and genome wide approaches. READ MORE
Posted July 06 2017
Studying molecular mechanisms of chronic pain has been an important focus of pain research. However, the nature and plasticity of neural circuits that mediate the sensory and emotional components of pain are still enigmatic. This conference organized by CellNetworks members Prof. Dr. Rohini Kuner and Prof. Dr. Herta Flor (Heidelberg Pain Consortium) will focus on interrogating, discussing and debating structural and functional understanding of circuits and networks underlying sensory and affective components of pain and their modulation by circumstances which induce structural reorganization and functional plasticity, including disease states, negative emotions and stress. READ MORE
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