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CellNetworks is an interdisciplinary research cluster centered around Heidelberg´s life sciences. The Heidelberg life science community features an unparalleled number of internationally well-noted institutions. CellNetworks assembles excellent groups focusing on research in molecular life science and computational sciences, chemistry and physics to tackle fundamental questions in cell biology, its network structure and architecture, dynamics and regulation.


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Posted September 30 2016
Winning talented young scientists to do their research at the Heidelberg Life Science campus is an important task at CellNetworks. For this reason, the Cluster regularly advertises its funding programs at various career fairs, such as this year’s Nature Jobs Career Expo in London. Under the roof of Research in Germany, an initiative led by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, CellNetworks and the Graduate Academy of Heidelberg University presented itself along with 16 other research institutions in the country – a highly successful concept that has been carried out for several years already. READ MORE
Posted September 30 2016
For a number of PhD fellows from the LGFG Research Training Group at the COS, CellNetworks member Annika Guse and spokesperson Steffen Lemke organized an extraordinary workshop that helps young scientists communicate their research to the public more easily. The Thinking Hands Design workshop uses a collaborative painting method to illustrate their specific research aspects in the field of molecular biology. READ MORE
Posted September 22 2016
Basic research, says Prof. Friedrich Frischknecht, is driven by a general fascination for science; it opens up new paths that may lead to surprising new discoveries. This principle of serendipity has also led Frischknecht and his team to discover unexpected things about malaria parasites. READ MORE
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